Yoga asana found me in 2010 as I was beginning to wake up. Little did I know that asanas (poses/postures) were the tip of the iceberg.  My yoga instruction mirrors my own practice: fluid, forgiving, ever-evolving, calming, energizing, a turning inward. My practice is to embody a fully integrated approach to link spirit, mind, and body.  Expect dynamic flows and long holds.  I err on the side of tantra because everything is energy. My instruction is an alchemy of kick-your-ass, make-your-quads-shake yoga, a supplication to your soul, and an offering to the Divine.

As a student, I was intimidated and/or disheartened by attending public classes. One size does not fit all in yoga. When I became an instructor, my creativity took over in my own practice as I built specific sequences like formulas for my various “projects” (aka injuries). The formulaic approach was based in Ayurveda and included asana, pranayama, mantra, and meditation and over time stretched me further to using the bandhas (energy locks), Dristi (gaze) kriyas, yoga nidra, visualization, and meditation. Most recently, I’ve been working with the moon’s cycles and major aspects/transits to enliven the flow of energy, release tension, and awaken kundalini energy.
My practice and instruction has expanded and grown to be an eclectic alchemy of all the paths, lineages, and teachers I’ve studied with over the years.  My joy and bliss is sharing the gift of yoga with others so they can practice yoga to enrich their lives.

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