Shakti-Charged Sankalpa Practice


Shakti-Charged Sankalpa Practice

This exercise can be completed before a yoga practice, during meditation, or throughout the day. A Sankalpa is more than an intention, when aligned—a sankalpa acts as a vehicle for radical shifting and rapid manifestation. The process is simple; the results can be revolutionary. My suggestion is to read through this practice and apply it in your life as is applicable.

Shakti is raw, creative, cosmic life-force energy. Shakti is the embodiment of desire. Shakti creates. The translation of the term Sankalpa is ‘intention’. This exercise is valuable for any time you feel stuck, are eager for change, or feel out of alignment with your heart path. Shakti is alchemy. In this practice, we take the fire from our pain. We use our shadow energy to transform.

Shakti Sankalpa

Tip: Love.

Give yourself time to allow this practice to develop. You may notice that it is difficult to begin the first step  because you don’t know how you want to feel. No need to fret. You can complete the exercise with the feeling of joy. The more you play and delight in joy, the more you will root into your truth.

If step one continues to feel difficult, you may want to workout some clearing techniques. Sweat. Do something to release.

#1 Experience the Feeling Vividly through past, present, and future

With eyes closed sitting in meditation or lying on the floor, allow the body to relax. Imagine your entire body releasing tension as you breathe. The process of relaxing usually can be completed after a few minutes of controlled breathing. Decide how you want to feel. Generate that feeling in your body by imagining a time when you felt this way. What occurred? Who was there? See what happened, remember the smells, the sounds, the feeling of pure joy (or you fill in the blank). Take three deep breaths feeling every detail of this experience. Then, imagine what this feeling would look like in your present day. See yourself living a life that embodies this feeling. Allow any imagery to come into your awareness. Breathe it in. Three breaths, focused on the feeling. Expand into the feeling. Next, imagine yourself in the future—one, two, five years down the road, embodying this feeling. Living the life you want to live. Not concerned with what other people think, following your inner wisdom, allowing your inner child to experience the joy of every cell of your body feeling how you want to feel. Let the energy electrify you. Let the possibilities take you to your ultimate dream. Your ideal life. Fulfilling your dharma, aligned, conscious, improving within and serving the world. Take 3 breaths here.

#2 Call Desire into Existence using a Mantra

Now, we name this state of being. We call this desire into existence. A mantra is a placeholder for the energy we generated in the visualization step. To create a mantra, keep it simple enough that you can mentally repeat it in a round of breath.  Super simple mantra generator: How did you feel during the visualization? Choose a key word. We will use ALIVE as an example. Now, you take the keyword and make a sentence, a statement, a declaration. I love I AM statements, but this is your mantra. Don’t let me tell you how to live your life. Keeping it simple, I’ll stick with our keyword example of ALIVE and use the I AM seed.  Our example mantra is I AM ALIVE. Take three deep breaths, repeating your mantra with the breath and generating the feeling. Let your Sankalpa be a mental anchor. As you continue throughout your day take a pause to anchor back into your truth I AM ALIVE.  It is natural to slip back into samskaras (deeply ingrained pattern) that keep us rooted in our in pain and suffering. The practice is to come back to the breath. Use the words as an anchor to call back the feeling—let your body reroot into truth. Keep it simple with three deep breaths.

# 3 Recenter, recenter, recenter

It gets real when we go about living our lives, and come to a point in our day when we encounter a less than desirable feeling. Allow it. Soften to it. Maybe this feeling is a clue? Perhaps new information? Return to the anchor. Repeat the mantra with the breath.

# 4 Dwell in Possibility

Energy follows thought. Using this principle, you have the power to change your reality. Keep it simple and start asking yourself questions. How would that embodied version of me confront anger, sadness, loneliness, fear, and pain? In addition, in times of choice—we look through the lens of THE ONE WHO IS ALIVE (you can fill in the blank for whatever your mantra is). What the version of me who is embodied and aligned do? Which choice does she make? What people does she surround herself with? What does she do different? When does she let go? What tough decisions does she make? What hard truth does she speak?

#5 Easy does it. Take sustainable action.

The final step in embodying a Sankalpa is to take small, inspired actions toward your dream whenever and wherever you can. Act on invitations that resonate and climb through windows of opportunity.

#6 Release, Repeat

Let go of something you don’t need. Repeat the meditation on the regular. Once you get down the visualization in # 1, you can complete this exercise sitting in as little as 5 minutes.


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