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A theme that’s been on repeat in my yoga practice: courage. (Unintentionally)  Astrologically fashionable and on season with the North Node moving into Leo / South Node into Aquarius.

How can you exude strength—the warrior archetype, bravery, courage? While remaining steadfast in your convictions, holding integrity, being wise with your resources?

Here are some questions to ponder—

  • What does it mean to take the right action at the right time?
  • How are you showing up courageously for you?
  • What risk have you been postponing and why?
  • How are you your own warrior?

I’ll be honest, I started this post with the intention of only sharing this link to 2 yoga classes I’m teaching this Wednesday  in Roger’s Park at Vive Yoga Studio. But then I couldn’t help but share my thoughts and questions on courage.

Space is limited, reserve your space asap!

Here’s that link again if you missed it:

free yoga class strength restore


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