New Moon in Gemini: Decisions? Take a test drive.

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New Moon in Gemini Meditation


The New Moon in Gemini occurs on Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 2:44pm Central Time at 4 degrees Gemini.


Ruler of the planet Mercury and associated with the 3rd house, the themes coming up in your life could be related to communication, siblings, friends, and your local community. For more info on how this relates to your life, you can get a free natal chart on The house placement of the moon and sun at the new moon are indicators of what area of your life is being affected. Also, it is important to note that the north node recently moved into Leo on May 9th.  We are individually being invited to make the decision that aligns with our heart.  We are facing some fated decisions that will rock our worlds.

What do you want in your life?

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You get to create it. What ideas will you plant on this New Moon?

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Fertile Soil

Manifesting what you desire is like planting a tomato seed, watering it, giving it sunlight, and watching the seed sprout, continuing to nurture the plant as it grows, and after some time, harvesting the fruit. Manifesting your life’s desires is no different. There is a process to consider.

1. Get clear on what you really want. Meditate, journal, talk to your friends, your mom, your siblings, voice record yourself talking things through and listen.

Ask questions like:How do I want to feel? What do I most desire but am afraid to admit? What risk have I been postponing and why? What is courage asking of me right now? How am I my own warrior?


2. Clear out the rubbish. A few days before the new moon I love decluttering, throwing away stuff, and a sweaty yoga practice. What makes you feel lighter? Do that.

3. Be aware of your thoughts and your Highest Good. My first meditation teacher told me to be careful what I asked of the Universe because I might get it. It’s good advice.

What are you asking for? Notice what you’re thinking on a daily basis and you’ll begin to see your reality reflected in your thoughts. Want to change it? Change your thinking. The more positive thoughts you marinate in, the higher your vibration will be, thereby giving your manifesting mojo a kick.

4. Write it down. My fave tools for manifesting are post it notes, white boards, and bathroom mirrors. Use a journal, list your intentions, and dream big.

5. Ritualize it. Make your actions sacred with intention. Meditating, lighting a candle, planting seeds or plants, making love (self love counts), exercise, enjoying a walk, writing down your intentions and burning them are activities to incorporate into your ritual. It is sacred because you say it is sacred.


6. Let it go. Perhaps the most tricky part of manifesting is unattachment.

7. Have faith that the “in between” time is magic. Believe that something wonderful is happening.

Happy Manifesting!

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